Our Story

The Path is Never Straight! How did we get here?

I recently went through a few dives and stomach lurching corkscrews on life’s roller coaster. In August 2014, my husband of 27 years, Bob, passed away after a twenty month flirtation with brain cancer. His diagnosis shook all stability from our lives. In our search for answers about what we could do to help improve his quality of life, we discovered Ayurveda. Ayurveda helped improve Bob’s life those last two years by making him physically healthier, calmer, and more at peace than he had felt in years. A complementary medicine and sister of yoga. It literally translates as “the science and knowledge of age”. Ayurveda uses various self care methods such as exercise, diet, and breathing to help lead a healthy life. I love its logic!

After he passed, I continued going to yoga sessions at the same center. I also began reading and taking classes in Ayurveda. Then I studied the effects of different foods and exercises on different body types. Also discovered the importance of routine and self-care, and how to ease my anxieties. I realized that yoga as I knew it, as most of us know it, is only a fraction of the wider picture. There exists a whole world of health beyond what we associate with yoga, incorporating the mind and all of the body, not just our muscles.


I never planned for this but once I began listening more to the people around me, the trends of my life, and my intuition and started to gain understanding I became a certified yoga instructor, I loved teaching yoga, but knew something was missing from my classes, there was a disconnect. I discovered Isha Classical Hatha Yoga. This filled the gaps in my teaching, the disconnect. After 21 weeks of very intensive training I’m equipped with the real deal, the way yoga should be taught. I now truly appreciate the power of yoga and what it can do for a human being. It is so much more than the watered down version we have adopted in the West. Yoga can bring you to a magical place in your body, mind, emotions and energy.

Yoga is about much more than the body, it can change the chemistry in your body. It can change you physiology in such a way that you naturally make better choices for your well-being. Life should be lived with ease, by taking time to step into this magic everything in your life can get easier.

Our philosophy at AnyOne Can Yoga is any living, breathing person can yoga, and we are here to help you on this journey. You only need to start!

Yoga is a fantastic journey of self-discovery about much more than tying yourself into a pretzel on top of a mountain wearing skimpy clothing and showing off those great abdominal muscles. Yoga is life, yoga is energy, yoga is amazing. Step into your Amazing!

– Margaret
Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher
Yoga Health Coach

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