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How many years have you made the January New Year’s resolution to lose weight and/or exercise more? January starts with guns ablazing, you are all in, this year is going to be different, this time you are going to reach your targets and stay there. Sound familiar?  We’ve all been there, done that.

Are you ready to say NO MORE?

There are many great programs available today and they work, while you stay on them. Unfortunately as soon as you stop the program before you know it you have gained all the weight back and a little more. Join us and learn how to sustain new habits for life time change.

  • Are you ready for a different approach?
  • Are you ready to get to know your body?
  • Are you ready to learn about the relationship between your food and your body?
  • Are you ready to fizzle the fat?
  • Are you ready to shake the lethargy out of your body?

If your answer is YES, then we are ready to help you!

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The Program

Read about our specially designed program created only for you

The Food Approach

  • How to cook foods that will nourish you
  • Fill your plate and satiate your hunger
  • Relationship between food and seasons
  • Foods most suited to your particular body
  • Understanding foods from an energy perspective

You are part of nature
You are the food you eat
You are energized by your food

Move Your Body Approach


6-Week Training

6 Weeks to learn a yoga practices to energize the body and assist with weight loss.

Learn From Isha Yoga Teacher

Learn Classical Hatha Yoga practices from an Isha Yoga Teacher who underwent intense training for 21 weeks to transmit these practices to others

Two Group Sessions Per Week

Attendance at workshop to learn the practice is mandatory. After a workshop there will be two optional group sessions a week to allow you to practice with others and receive corrections. While the group sessions are not mandatory they are recommended.

Our weight loss program is open to a limited group of people who feel ready to invest in themselves for life long changes.

Warning – There are side effects!

People who have learned these practices and ways of eating have not only lost weight but have enjoyed the side effects of improved sleep, increased energy, better health.

The course teaches Isha Yoga Programs and Ayurveda with a western flair to allow you to easily follow the new life changing habits.

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