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Follow Your Heart – the Isha India experience

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Reflection of Isha Hatha Yoga School

Isha Hatha Yoga Class 2017

The last day of 2017 on a gray cold day is perfect for reflection on my 21 week experience in India at the Isha Hatha Yoga School. The course started beginning of July and ran through to 3rd December 2017.

Since returning back stateside the first question asked by many was my top list of takeaways from my Indian experience. I have struggled to answer this question, there were so many takeaways, but here is my shortlist –


  1. The practices I learned during this course really work. I have never felt more alive, more aware, more energized and more in tune with my body and thoughts than I do right now.
  2. There are many supposed gurus out there, but Sadhguru is the authentic, real deal. All who have worked closely with him hold him in the highest regard.  He fully understands the human body and energy system.  If you are interested in exploring higher dimensions for yourself you can do this online here.
  3. The food we eat, how it is cooked and how we actually eat  it – play a significant role in our wellbeing. Our physical body is called the food body in yoga, the body functions through our consumption (You are what you eat).
  4. Our body is much more intelligent than our mind. If we trust in the intelligence of our body over the mind we can break through many barriers, mind and body.
  5. Daily practice of yoga can make a significant difference to your wellbeing. There were days when my body ached, or I was feeling sick and I didn’t want to do my physical yoga practices, but I felt better after the practice than before I started.
  6. I loved silence days, this did and didn’t surprise me. Once a month we had a day where you talked to nobody, didn’t make eye contact, write, read, or communicate in any way. This brought a stillness into your being, calmed the mind and felt very liberating.
  7. I like cold water! I would never have thought that possible. We started each day before yoga with cold showers to contract our cells to allow for expansion during our practice. Also if there was time during the day you could take a dip in the cold water of the chandra kund (female theerthakund) to soothe the aching body, I loved doing this.
  8. If we learn how to remain in a calm and restful state we don’t need as much sleep as we are being led to believe, we need rest. I am now energized throughout the day with 4 – 6 hours sleep each night.
  9. The more I find out the less I know. Although we live in our physical form our whole lives, we have no idea how to maximize our use of this amazing piece of machinery. The more vibrant and joyful I feel with my new Isha practices the more curious I become about how far I can go with these teachings.
  10. In the West, we generally live in a world of over consumption and compulsion. I didn’t realize how much of this was part of my life until I dropped it all in India. I cut out most of my contact with the outside world, limited my phone calls, and social media time, shaved my head, didn’t look in a mirror and wore unisex clothing. The biggest takeaway from this was realizing what is really important, and how inconsequential I am as everyone continues in their lives without you. I am a tiny dot in a massive universe, quite the humbling experience.

This is a great reflection of the typical day during the course – A day in the life at Hatha Yoga School



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