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Meditation – better than orgasm!

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Why yoga and meditation? Better than orgasm you say!

I think the easiest way for people to understand anything is when it is in their own experience. I’ve struggled to explain what yoga and meditation have brought to my life. After much thought I found a way to express what yoga and meditation can do for you when you hit the sweet spot.

The French refer to orgasm as Le Petit Mort – The Small Death. A short lived moment when the body seems to stop, everything completely relaxes and a blissful feeling transcends your whole being.

If you have experienced an orgasm you know what a wonderful feeling. “Oh God” she groans in sheer bliss. Complete surrender. When you hit that sweet spot it takes you to a whole different place. Wow, nothing else quite like it. Or is there?

The problem with an orgasm is that it is short lived, okay you can be left feeling content, calm, relaxed, at peace, but that bliss lasts for a few minutes at best.

The power of meditation is the ability to stay in bliss for a long time. You may not always hit the blissful sweet spot in meditation, but let’s be honest, doesn’t that sometimes happen to us ladies in other areas of our lives. The beauty of finding bliss in meditation or yoga is it can take you to a whole different dimension for a long time.

Just the other morning I wasn’t planning to sit for meditation, but after two hours of a blissful meditation my body came back to me. I sat in complete stillness, I lost my body, I lost my mind, only the breath and darkness existed. Breath and emptiness. A blissful nothing. It was powerful and beautiful.

Many people have said I would love to meditate but my mind won’t stop. The mind is not meant to stop anymore than the heart should stop beating. There will always be thought, but with practice the mind becomes more still. I wasn’t always able to sit like this and I don’t always experience the same feelings. You sit there, you fidget, you think about the washing you forgot to do, the shopping you need to buy, you know all those thoughts come into your head. I still have thoughts that come into my head, but the day to day noise has gone and the thoughts are more clear, inspiring and productive, like I need to write this blog post!

We don’t wake up one morning and say we are going to learn French today and are talking fluently by the time evening arrives. It takes time and practice to do anything new. We need commitment and dedication to master a new skill, it doesn’t happen with the snap of the fingers unless we are Mary Poppins.

The whole purpose of yoga is to gain some mastery over the body to allow us to sit in meditation for long periods of time in complete stillness. A person cannot sit still unless they have a good strong spine.



When yoga is done right it is possible to move to higher dimensions of life with this practice too. There are several ways to do so, and not simply by strengthening the abs. There are scientific and precise ways, this is yoga in its Classical form. I was already a Hatha  Yoga Teacher before I became a Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher and the method of teaching, precision to detail, and the space all combine to create a deep experience. It can move you beyond the body, I’ve felt the difference. Not only is the practice itself different from anything else available, its power lies in the way it is transmitted from teacher to student. I have witnessed the atmosphere in the room change, the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end when this practice is being taught. All this regardless of whether there are 2 people being taught or 1000. If you are 100% focused on your practice it really is a blissful moving meditation.

I now understand why Monks look so happy I’m full on pursuing my meditativeness because I want it to always be with me. I don’t know if this will ever be possible, but it is a pursuit worth shooting for.


The climax of meditativeness – godliness overflowing the whole existence. – Osho


As I was discussing this post with some of my yoga buddies one says what kind of orgasms have you been having and the other responded what kind of meditations have you been having!


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