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My Experience Stepping into New Life – Bhuta Shuddhi

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What is in your own experience nobody can deny, they may think you are delusional or slightly off balance, but they cannot disagree with your experience. My experiences over the past few years continue to strike me as weird, I use the word weird, because these are experiences that were outside my realm of life until now. I am experiencing a whole different dimension to life I never knew existed. A new life is growing within me that is more expansive than I could have imagined possible.

While many may say that’s not for me (I would have been one of them at one time), my mind is now open and curious and I’m now not willing to step away from what I am experiencing. It is far too bloody amazing!

The Elements of Life

There are five basic elements that make up everything on this planet including you. These five elements are earth, water, fire, air and space. The elements are roughly the same in each individual, but some elements may be more predominant than others. A person is generally 72% water, 12% earth, 6% air, 4% fire and the remaining 6% space. A full and healthy life is achieved by keeping these five elements in balance. I’m sure you can think of people who are out of balance, too much fire in them (the angry), too much air (the airheads), too much earth (the lethargic).

Bhuta Shuddhi is a way to bring balance to these elements in the human system. It is the most fundamental yogic process and a simple practice to incorporate into your life.

I have been doing this process now for a couple of years. It has been the same as many other yogic practices for me, where the subtleties of the practice did not give me obvious benefits. However I notice something is off if I skip it for some reason.

I have to confess while doing the practice for a long time I was on auto pilot, going through the motions without much thought as to what I was actually doing. More recently I have adopted a different approach and totally changed this experience.

Earth and Water Elements

The first part of the process involves consuming some small earth balls and water. As I consume this earth I visualize it bringing  strength to my body. A strong earth element in the human body leads to good health and well-being. It has been scientifically proven that water has memory and while its chemical composition always remains the same its structure can change. I use sound to create a beneficial structure for this water. As I consume the water I visualize the fluids in my body being nourished.  The water element soothes all pain and inflammation in the body. I allow the water to rest on my tongue along with the earth. I feel the sensations of this water, I picture the health it will bring and then I swallow.

Fire Element

The next step is the fire process where some camphor is lit and we inhale gazing at the flame. I visualize this fire coming into my body igniting every cell of my being, enhancing my energy levels. Transformation comes from fire, I picture this fire igniting new positive life into me and burning off that which is holding me back in life.

Air and Space Elements

After we complete the fire process we sit and breath in a certain way to bring in the air element. As I sit and breath I visualize this air traveling in all directions in my body, making me more expansive and receptive to life itself. This air opens me up to all I can become.

Once the Bhuta Shuddhi process is complete I press my palms together bow down to the sky and thank this beautiful Earth for holding me in place today.

Such sweetness, calm and peacefulness spreading from my inner core and all in a 10 minute process.


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